Protect Your Rights After a Drug Charge

A drug charge attorney in Centreville & all of Bibb county, AL can defend you through this tough time

Drugs are a major issue in Centreville & all of Bibb county, AL. If you find yourself dealing with legal charges related to drug use or possession, turn to a drug charge attorney for a proper defense.

The Hodnett Law Firm is here to help in any situation related to drug allegations. A drug charge attorney can defend your rights if you're facing any type of charges, including drug possession. Spencer will be there for you.

Don't handle these significant charges by yourself. Count on an aggressive attorney to fight for your rights. Reach out today to discuss your situation with Spencer.

Types of drug allegations

When should you reach out for legal guidance? You may need an attorney if you're dealing with charges of:

  • Drug possession - Having drugs on your person or in your home
  • Drug distribution - Selling or sharing illegal drugs
  • Drug trafficking -Distributing large quantities of drugs
  • Drug manufacturing - Creating drugs for use or distribution

If you need a drug possession attorney in Centreville, AL, rely on the Hodnett Law Firm to take on your case. Email Spencer today to start crafting your aggressive defense.

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