Learn More About Hodnett Law Firm And DUI Legal Assistance

Check out the FAQ below if you need a criminal defense attorney in Centreville & Bibb County, AL

Are you thinking about retaining a criminal defense attorney for DUI legal assistance from the Hodnett Law Firm in Centreville, AL? Before you come to Spencer, get to know more about his practice from the questions below.


What areas of law does Spencer focus on?

He practices criminal defense law for DUIs, 4th Amendment issues, sex crimes, assault and drug possession.


What help can Spencer provide in terms of DUIs?

With DUIs, Spencer can make sure that you were treated correctly and fairly after being pulled over by law enforcement.


What help can Spencer provide for 4th Amendment issues?

In terms of 4th Amendment issues, he can ensure that your search or seizure was properly warranted.


What areas does Spencer serve?

Spencer serves Centreville and all of Bibb County.


If dealing with assault charges, how can Spencer help?

He will help you fully understand your charges and build an aggressive criminal defense for you as well as negotiate bail.